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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 7, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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thousands of dollars in penalties. chevron is part of the price gouging she said. >> bill: between all of this, our thoughts and prayers are with everybody out there and we'll keep you updated as best we can. we've got to run, everybody. >> julie: anyone starts right now. >> julie: see you in the morning. >> leland: irma tearing through the caribbean as a powerful and deadly category 5 storm leaving devastation on that tiny island of arbutus. now the storm is closing in on the bahamas we are covering it all. i'm leland vittert and for jon scott. >> heather: it's 95% gone. >> leland: it's how he would see a war zone after a bomb went off. every thing is flat. >> heather: i'm heather childers filling in today. irma could pack a devastating punch.
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at least ten storm-related deaths are confirmed, many floridians leaving nothing to chance, pressing homes and businesses before the storm. governor rick scott says irma is shaping up to be worse than hurricane andrew back in 1992. the most destructive storm and for his history. >> everly for etienne, every family should take this seriously. we have to take this seriously and protect our family. positions can be replaced, your family cannot. this is serious and we cannot take chances. ed is life-threatening, this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. >> heather: we have fox news team coverage, phil keating live in miami, but we begin with meteorologist at janice dean with a brand-new update on the storm from the national hurricane center. >> good morning, downgraded a little bit to 175 miles per hour sustained winds, that's not really a downgrade, that's a
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little puff of smoke because we are dealing with this hurricane that is unprecedented and a lot of areas and even if he gets downgraded to a category 4, it's still going to have the potential to bring devastating surge, devastated flooding and very, very strong winds that connect on buildings in south florida. here we are, this is the latest advisory, 100 sony 5-mile-per-hour sustained wind's, bahamas, very sustained for you the next 24-48 hours as it continues to move westward. good agreement with the computer models on where this storm goes. again, raking across the flat islands of the bahamas and then saturday night into sunday, watching you in south florida and the keys. here's the latest track as of 11:00 a.m., remains a category 5, we have a lot of water, not much to tear this store apart. had we seen more of a track across cuba, we might be dealing with a weaker storm system, but
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that is not the case and like i said, cadbury 4, making landfall perhaps in south florida will be devastating for some of these areas and that's why people are evacuating right now and the keys and south florida. here's our european model actually bringing the worst-case scenario to the miami area. a direct impact northward, that would bring the worst of the storm surge, the worst of the strongest winds and heavy rainfall across the sunshine state across south florida. this one brings it out into the atlantic again perhaps for another landfall across georgia or the carolinas. do not let your guard down. you could also be dealing with irma. this is what makes this so difficult. we know for the next 24 hours it's going to remain moving westward, but when will it turn? when will he get picked up by that trough? that is still you have to be determined and that's why there's so much uncertainty as we go 5-7 days out.
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one thing is for certain, bahamas and turkic akos, you are in line for one of the strongest storms we've ever seen. south florida, you need to complete your preparations right now and evacuate. the rest of florida, you need to monitor and listen to your local authorities, listen to your local forecast as well. >> heather: thank you very much, janice. >> leland: janice dean just said worst-case scenario and that's exactly what south florida is preparing for. bracing for what could be that direct hit on low-lying miami sometime over the next weekend. we are awaiting a news conference from the broward county mayor and hear what he has to say. meantime, phil keating live in broward county. phil, sandbag operations behind you, are sandbags going to be enough for the storm? >> it depends on the storm surg surge. the real action isn't on the sand, it's in the parking lots and this is a parks and read
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free sand giveaway. this place has been chock-full of people all morning long since sunrise. if you look over here, this is the line of people just standing there hoping to get up here, scoop up your sandbags, haul them to their cars, take it to their house, and put them at the front door, backdoor, anywhere they think they can do this. may. miami beach under a mandatory and vacuous and as of 7:00 a.m. this morning. people know they've got to go, some have decided not to go yet, some are still on the fence. i can tell you, as each day this week has shown the track of this hurricane irma coming closer and closer and more likelier than not, impacting south florida miami-dade county, you can sense a greater sense of concern and worry and desperation about the people here today. half the people today tell me
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they are definitely evacuating, some have said they're not sure yet, but i know several people who will not evacuate. residents out yesterday, houston broward county, east of federal highway in the low coastal areas, mandatory investigation underway until noon here in miami beach and key biscayne in the sunny isles beach, all under mandatory evacuation now. here is what the residents here at the sand pile told me earlier. >> were you worried? >> hopefully we made the right and proper precautions to make sure we can weather it. >> are you evacuating? >> we are. >> at some point later this morning, perhaps early
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afternoon, it's expected by city and county leaders that a tropical watch for south florida, that will depend on the hurricane center in west miami. back to you. >> leland: no word as some people have decided to stay through this. phil keating live in miami, the calm or the sandbagging before the storm. heather? >> heather: the president reaching across the aisle working with democrats to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling. the deal could be straining mr. trump's already tense relationship with his own party. senators from both sides speaking out. >> the president and senate and house democrat leadership agree to a three month continued resolution and a debt ceiling into december. i will be adding that as an amendment to the flood relief bill that's come over from the
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house. >> the bottom line is, the president listen to the argument, we think we made a very reasonable and strong argument and to his credit, he went with the better argument. >> heather: joining us as a white house correspondent, think you for joining us. he goes around the republican leaders, he strikes this deal with pelosi and schumer, should this be a warning to republicans? >> i think it is a warning to republicans. this is the trump that many feared and he has no ideological anchor and he's willing to go across the aisle to cut other deals. trump has shown he's become a little bit disenchanted with the republicans and ability to get some of his policy priorities done. he's showing that he's willing to do it on his own. >> heather: why is this something republicans would not have wanted to happen?
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>> they didn't want to give the democrats more leverage. they wanted to wait, they wanted to push this debt ceiling to 18 months, possibly six months. by moving out three months, that gives democrats another opportunity to use their leverage in december to get for example, a dream act tight measure done, they did not want to date give democrats that measure. >> heather: do you think a while could be next in terms of crossing the aisle? the president said he's funding border security and dreamers could stay. >> that could absolutely be another factor in the talks in december. this is potentially another chance for trump to threaten another shutdown to get that funding. he also gives himself an opportunity to use some politic politics. it's hard to talk of a threat of the government shutdown when you have two massive hurricanes pelting our southern coast line. and december, he can raise that
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battle again and he may have a better opportunity met with more leverage of the shutdown. >> heather: mcconnell and paul ryan said the president wanted to make sure he had a bipartisan moment amidst of all of these hurricanes and storms. what about tax reform? the president headed off to north dakota, heidi heitkamp appeared with him. is that a sign that there will be some bipartisan effort for tax reform? >> it's fascinating that heidi heitkamp was there and north dakota with trump. talk about optics that the republicans don't necessarily want to see. some have been telling us and been grumbling, why show up with heidi heitkamp when you could be working to pick up a seat? in regards to whether this means democrats are going to jump on tax reform bandwagon, i think time will tell. it's hard to say. the key points of tax reform,
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there aren't many details, are not really in line with what democrats want. >> heather: this is a sign that tax reform is even less likely. thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> leland: a little more on that coming up, how is the deal with democrats going over with republicans on capitol hill? senator thune, number three in the g.o.p. leadership weighs in on that and what it means for tax reform. that deal is not the only controversy for president trump this week. how is the mainstream media covering his plan to end the obama era protections for immigrants brought here illegally as children? plus, get this, price gouging ahead of hurricane irma. will tell you what amazon is saying about those claims in a few minutes. ♪
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>> heather: happening right now, some new information on some crime stories that we are following. a nationwide shoplifting ring
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busted wide open. the san diego u.s. attorney's office announcing the indictment of nearly two dozen people and their suspected of stealing $20 million worth of high-end merchandise for the past decade and smuggling it to mexico where was sold. the youngest of charles manson's followers just granted parole and california. she was 19 when she murdered rosemary -- a california panel also granted her parole last year, but the decision was overruled by governor jerry brown. tim murphy admitting that he had an x or marital affair after it was revealed that he was expected to be deposed and his mistresses and pending case. the 64-year-old republican asking for privacy for himself and his family. >> leland: breaking now, we meet now on capitol hill awaiting a speaker ryan press conference. this all ahead of a possible
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road ahead for aid for hurricane harvey victims. the president striking a deal with democratic leaders linking the aid to raising the debt ceiling and funding the government for the next three months. leaders from both sides of the aisle weighed in. >> his feeling was that we needed to come together to not create a picture of divisiveness at a time of genuine national crisis. we intend to deal with him this week. >> this is a really positive step forward. it will work to quickly provide aid to those of hurricane harvey. it will fund the government to avoid a shutdown. >> leland: joining us now, senator john kuhn, republican from south dakota and number three and senate leadership. also, chairs the senate republican converse to mike
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your view as a senator. a scale of 1-10, when you heard about the deal that was made in the oval office, how surprised were you and now, how angry are you? >> good morning, leland. i think most of us were surprised, but not angry. the president rightly understands that we are and a moment of national crisis with the hurricanes and texas and louisiana and now it's bearing down on florida and we need to demonstrate that to the american people. i think he was trying to come up with a way in which we can address a couple of major issues at least on a short-term basis and then come back for a full debate in december. i suppose you could say it caught a few of us by surprise, but i think most of us realize what's at stake. >> leland: you're okay with this deal? >> i am. obviously our preference would
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be the limit, but you're talking abut a three-year thing which is something given the circumstances were faced with right now that most people acknowledge, although perhaps not ideal is something we can all live with. >> leland: the administration has been making the case to push back on the idea that republicans have been getting a raw end of the deal. they state this clears the debt totally, so the administration and the vice president's lobbying efforts and the president's political coattails can work on tax reform. do you agree with that assessment or does this make it harder to do tax reform because the democrats feel as though they've got more power now? >> you could argue that either way depending on whether you're looking at it as a democrat or republican. >> leland: you're on the commerce committee, how do you look at it? >> to be fair, it does in many respects take a few issues off the table and enable us to put
8:19 am
our sights on tax reform which is a huge priority for us as republicans here in congress as well as the administration. i'm hopeful that over the course of the next few weeks and months, will have an opportunity to focus more clearly on that. you have to multitask here, sometimes there are other issues you have to process at the same time. we want tax reform that creates jobs, increases wages and provides income to families. >> leland: republicans will all tell you they're focused on it, the question is, if all of a sudden the democrats know they can present an idea that senate leadership and house leadership is against, to the president and he might go with it, doesn't that cut your knees out a little bit from under you? >> in my view at least in this case, our objectives are very closely aligned with the administration when it comes to tax reform. i think democrats will be in a different place and for the president to be an a position to
8:20 am
cut a deal with democrats on tax reform would mean undermining all the principles that we care about and the things we need to accomplish through tax reform. i think it's an alignment of interest and an ability to work together to get results. the american people desperately need some tax relief and tax reform and that makes our economy more competitive in the global marketplace. >> leland: i want to get back real quickly to this issue about this deal. this was quoting a midwest operative. with that in mind, do you have confidence in mitch mcconnell to be able to get done tax reform, daca reform, the president has put on the list before midterms? >> i do and those are things we have to get done.
8:21 am
i think it's important to people not overstate what happened yesterday. this is a six-month extension of an existing policy. all it does is buy some time and which will be able to deal with these issues in a december. on the big ticket items, he needs republican leadership and republican leadership means the president. he needs to work together in the administration does as well. >> leland: will have you back as the process continues. heather? >> heather: back to hurricane irma causing destruction on the islands of barbuda, and saint martins. barbuda described as rebel. plus, puerto rico trying to recover from the cadbury 5 stor cadbury 5 storm. a commanding officer joins us live. millions of you are online right now,
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>> leland: hurricane irma has quite literally obliterated the island of barbuda. the prime minister there said the island is literally rubble. 95% of the structures have been damaged in the storm. at least one person, a small child was killed. irma is also crippled water and foam services there. the airport suffered damages as well forcing emergency management supplies to be carried in from antigua. rebuilding costs now have been estimated at $100 million. >> the track has a forecast directly impacting the florida keys on sunday as a devastating major hurricane. the florida keys should be prepared to start preparing for the effect of a storm friday night and early saturday. storm surge and winds are the biggest concern right now. the storm is bigger, faster, and
8:26 am
stronger than hurricane andrew. this is serious and we can't take chances. this is life-threatening. this is not some thing we can wait through. >> heather: governor rick scott warning floridians to get out while they still can as we await an update from broward cannae broward county, we've now learned three people have died importer rico. joining us now is captain eric king. thank you for joining us. >> high matt, good morning. >> heather: 3.4 million people are in puerto rico, 1 million people are without power, water conditions like right now? >> conditions on the island of puerto rico where we are at, we've positioned our forces away from our downtown station in
8:27 am
san juan, both locations have lost power and we are on generator power for the coast guard. >> heather: 14 hospitals are using generators, what is the coast guard doing to help? >> the coast guard's role is obviously focused on the maritime perspective. we are in line with the emergency operations center and the puerto rico emergency management, but there focused on maritime and search and rescue that's happening around the island of puerto rico as well as the virgin islands. >> heather: have you seen any damage from the u.s. virgin islands? there are people online saying they won't get a lot of coverage from those areas. i know communication is limited with some of those islands right now. >> certainly the communication structures have been impacted.
8:28 am
for chile were able to have some cell coverage and be able to communicate amongst ourselves. our larger concerns remains with st. thomas and st. john's along the northern coast of puerto rico. geography down here, there is the varied systems that are used to move a lot of the preparation around in one of our focus areas is ensuring that we can get that operation to move first responder personnel between all the islands to support the population. >> heather: i have some friends down there and st. thomas that i've been trying to reach today and there's no phone service. i spoke with them before irma hit and a lot of the people definitely stayed behind on this island, so i hope they're okay. what equipment do you have? >> the coast guard at this
8:29 am
point, we've got helicopters in the air flying, so search and rescue as well as assessing damage. additionally, we have seven coders from san juan, they'll be going back along with the endurance to support the relief efforts. within san juan, our small boats are getting back in the water now, so we have three small boats, 45 response boats as well as three other craft in the water looking at navigation and doing assessments. >> heather: even all the hurricane is passed directly over these areas, the danger is far from over. incorporated you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, have a good morning. >> leland: president trump facing backlash over his daca decision. my next guest says the media is
8:30 am
one of his main critics. is that criticism unfair? and more help could soon be on the way for harvey victims, the senate about to vote on relief funds as folks in texas begin to put their lives back together, live in houston as we continue to watch irma. ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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>> leland: the trump
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administration kicking the daca issued to congress this week sparking a backlash from advocates and lawmakers in the media. howard kurtz writing president trump's decision ending dreamers program and six months with the compromise that largely satisfies no one. i can't think of another issue this year on the mainstream media has been so fully and unapologetically aligned against trump and in favor of preserving an obama program. joining us now, fox news analyst howard kurtz. nice to see you. do you get the feeling that the media loves dreamers and the daca program, or did they love this story because it makes for such a wonderfully personal articles when they go find a dreamer who is doing while who's not worried? >> there's something to that, but there is also a lot of compassion for these 800,000 younger immigrants brought here illegally by their parents. for all the negative coverage this year against president trump, he's been
8:35 am
called words like cruel, heartless, racist, and the media also kind of brushing aside that obama's executive order was never meant to be anything but temporary. and the last one he four hours, the coverage has been the president has been sending mixed signals saying he loves the dreamers and now today they have nothing to worry about. >> leland: he's saying he may revisit this if congress is unable to act. there was that deadline from the state republican attorney generals who said they were going to sue, even democrats agreed that the daca executive order was on shaky legal ground. one could very easily argue, all of the media is not, that this was president trump protecting the dreamers from these lawsuits coming from repugnant attorney generals. why don't we hear that other side? >> i think in part because he president sent out attorney general sessions to make the announcement. he delivered a hard-line
8:36 am
description of what was happening saying he was resending the program. it's very clear that donald trump is conflicted. he's had a chance to reconsider and he's saying nice things about the dreamers and now he's saying he hopes congress will find a way to legalize the program. that could soften the edges of what has been leaked in the past 24 hours, very harsh coverage of the president on this. >> leland: congress has a lot on their plate, as we all know. all of a sudden, we have this crazy deal that president trump made with the democrats in his reach across the aisle. take a listen to yesterday in north dakota. >> nobody can get anything through congress, we need support. thank you, senator high cam. everybody's saying, what is she doing up here? she's a good woman and i hope you'll have your support. >> leland: thus the president talking abut a democratic senator.
8:37 am
normally the media loves bipartisanship, but all the headlines are about how upset the republicans are. it's like president trump can't when whether he does with the media wants them to do or not. >> i haven't seen much about, this was a move by the president because he's getting nowhere and getting anything through congress with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan, not entirely their fault. he's talking about chuck and nancy in the deal he made in the oval office for the short-term budgetary expansion and all the coverage is he really screwed his party, he blindsided them. they're relishing with the g.o.p. is puzzled and wondering whether this is a one-off compromise or whether the president will know be open to getting some democratic votes and forcing his own party to go along in order to get majority in congress. >> leland: what is the narrative the media is trying to write? are they trying to push the president more towards that or are they trying to undercut him
8:38 am
with republicans? >> i think repugnant or so puzzled that they don't quite know what to make of it. i think what journalists often miss about this president is he's not conservative, he is not a lifelong republican, he's going to do things, he's a dealmaker as everyone knows and he would be open. he hasn't governed that way so far, but he may send a signal that if republicans can't get their act together on the hill, he would be open to doing deals with democrats. this is a new thing for journalists, right now, they were so relishing the fact that many conservatives, many republicans are either mystified or angry at the president for making that deal with schumer and poulos e. >> leland: we are awaiting a paul ryan press conference on capitol hill. what is ryan going to get pushed on here and what can we learn about the questions, what can we learn about the media agenda from the questions?
8:39 am
>> ryan is clearly disappointed in this deal, so most of the questions will be about efforts to get him to criticize the president, this is terrible, it's against every thing you fought for, you're undercut by the president, he had is having dinner with the president tonight. he was publicly undercut and that oval office meeting, but he has to work with the president because donald trump is the leader of the party. paul ryan is very good at finessing this sort of thing, but this is an awkward spot to be in. >> leland: the media loves politicians in awkward spots. more media buzz this weekend, great piece. >> heather: we are getting word that news conferences starting with paul ryan. >> leland: will monitor that and had their as news is made. on the other side of capitol hill, the senate now looking to approve what will be a multibillion-dollar impact to help harvey victims.
8:40 am
>> heather: john cornyn announcing $15 billion for disaster aid, will the -- floodwaters are still receding in houston. a mangled mess of debris and fallen trees, but in the meantime, let's go back to paul ryan. here he is. >> i relay how inspired we are by the people of this state. it really is something to see. i express our commitment to quickly provide resources to the region. in addition, i spoke with our delegates from puerto rico and the virgin islands about the devastation that is occurring right now with hurricane irma. this morning i spoke with president trump about the urgency of relief efforts. it's a good thing, but with new technology, fema is moving money faster than ever before. that's why there's a sense of urgency to get this relief package done. right now, we're thinking about
8:41 am
everybody in irma's path and this hurricane, 185 miles per hour. our thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in the path of this current hurricane. this morning, we had another productive meeting, that's why i was a little late. we had a productive meeting between the house and senate in the tax reform. we are working on the details, this is our number one priority this fall. as you may have heard me say earlier, we want americans to begin the new year with a new tax system, it's high time. we haven't done this since 1986 and the rest of the world has passed our country on. it's time we get back in the game of being competitive and we will get economic growth when we do this. it's about growth. it's about fairness. it's about finally giving american families tax breaks. lastly, i want to highlight a new report from the commission on evidence-based policymaking. this is on the i consider very, very important, this is been a personal project of mine. senator murray and i came together to start this panel.
8:42 am
we want to re-examine the way government solves problems. you look at summing that the war on poverty, you'll get something that we've been at for decades, but the needle has barely moved. washington is stuck in this endless feedback loop where he measured success based on effort, based on input. how much money are we spending, how many programs have been created, how may people are on the programs? we cling to that when we ought to focus on outcomes. are these programs working? are we getting people out of poverty? this report, the promise of evidence-based policymaking, this report lays out a blueprint for doing that. i'm excited about the potential for more bipartisan progress. what we should be doing as policymakers is focusing on outcomes and results, not info and effort. patti and i will talk about this later at the capitol today, but this is something i think is high time coming.
8:43 am
with the tools we have in technology, we ought to be able to get our policy focused on achieving the results we intend, not just hoping, but doing. questions? >> reporter: does that mean you'll be taking a bipartisan report on tax reform? >> i hope democrats join us on tax reform. we are continuing on the path, i've heard from quite a few democrats lately that they like what we're talking about. [inaudible question] >> i do. i know there's a lot of interpretations of the meeting yesterday. isn't it a good thing the congressional leaders talk? that's probably a pretty good thing. number one, number two, the president made it very clear in what he was aiming for in that meeting yesterday was a
8:44 am
bipartisan moment while the country is facing two herbal hurricanes. he made clear to us -- personally, the debt limit, the longer, the better. he was interested in making sure that this is a bipartisan moment while we respond to these hurricanes and he made it clear and that's what his motivation was. [an audible question] >> i didn't just grab it that way, you're putting words in my mouth. i'm worried about the credit markets and short-term basis. we can't keep doing it that way. what the president basically expressed is at this moment, when we just had a massive hurricane hit texas and louisiana, we got one that hit the virgin islands, puerto rico, and all florida. if you look at this cone of the
8:45 am
hurricane, it could be anywhere from georgia to south carolina. that is a tough moment for our country and we need to make sure the government responds to people so the president wanted to make sure that we are going together as republicans and democrats to respond to this. i was making an economic point which was i think stability and longevity are key. >> reporter: at yesterday's meeting, -- >> i won't get into a proper conversation we had, but i think there is a role for the powers and that's something we do in congress. [inaudible question] report a mac should they have to cap some of that money >> i won't get into what they
8:46 am
have or are doing. i told the governor last night, what we know is the disaster reserve fund, which by the way, this isn't just for harvey, this is for all disasters and we've got more than just one disaster occurring this country, especially today then what's going on in texas. what's happening is unlike katrina, where i i don't think iphones even existed then, people on their smartphones are quickly applying for fema relief and those applications are being approved and the money is going out the door at such a faster pace than we experience before to the point where omb is telling us fema could run out of money as early as tomorrow and as late as tuesday. that is the projections we're getting from omb and we have a treasury secretary who is worried about the borrowing limit, the cash flow these payments to fema, particularly now that there is a new hurricane hitting this country today.
8:47 am
those are the concerns that trump everything else, no pun intended. those concerns prevail over everything else. that's why we have this issue in front of us. i'm sure they're going to. >> reporter: do you think the president's decision -- what can be done and do you agree with the decision? >> i think it's in our interest to have a new one, i think we need one that works. i want to make sure we have one that works for the men and women we're asking to go into harm's way and we do it in such a way that it doesn't put them in
8:48 am
jeopardy. i think the administration should take a league lead. i think president obama tied the military's hands behind their back. i didn't like the deadline because it put the military into duress. we have one that respects the fight we have in front of us which is multicontact. we got isis and libya, we've got isis in the arabian peninsula, we've got potential asia, we've got a lot of fights on our hands at we have to engage in in order to keep the emergent people safe. ethic the president recognizes this thread, i think the president through a long analysis can go any different way in afghanistan. afghanistan, the best description of the last 16 years is we've had 16 one-year strategies and afghanistan. we need to have a real strategy and keep ourselves safe and deny
8:49 am
safe havens. [inaudible question] >> i'm not getting into our meeting yesterday. that's a private conversation. what we as republicans in the administration agrees is, daca is a symptom of a problem we don't have control over our borders. while we deal with this issue with the president is having congress deal with, it's only reasonable we deal with the root cause of the problem, open borders, uncontrollable borders. we need to control our borders while we do with those problems we don't have the same problem ten years from now. that's perfectly reasonable and it wasn't too long ago that i
8:50 am
think a lot of democrats agreed with us we should have operational control of our borders. obviously funding the border is part of controlling the border. [inaudible question] >> we haven't done the whip on this, so i don't know the answer to your question about the vote count. we all thought we had more time obviously to deal with the debt limit issue and that was before the hurricanes hit. when these hurricanes hit and we saw the new numbers coming in from fema, that changed the entire calculation. the president made a game call yesterday that he thought was in our country's interest to have a bipartisan support and a bipartisan package to deal with
8:51 am
these ongoing hurricane disasters. that is where we are right now. hurricanes don't discriminate between republican said democrats, hurricanes hit people, they had americans. we have an obligation to respond. thank you very much, everybody. appreciate it. >> leland: that was paul ryan there. you saw, as howie kurtz indicated, there would be some awkward questions perhaps about the deal that was made by president trump with nancy closely and chuck schumer. in many ways, ryan said i don't necessarily agree with it or like it, but he seemed as though he was going to live with the deal. this ask io's out of washington, pretty powerful organization assaying a powerful house or pelican group is going to come out against this deal, that is the house republican study committee, that's 155 votes. it's interesting to see how this
8:52 am
breaks down in the house. does it pass with more democrat votes than it does republican votes? i could be possible. >> heather: he reiterated what he said previously and mitch mcconnell said that they believe the president was thinking about everyone in irma's path and he wanted to have a bipartisan moment with this. that's why he broke this deal. he said tax reform or be the number one priority this fall. >> leland: we had john thune on from south dakota and he had those same talking points. growth about economic growth, this is about fairness, talking about a tax break and now we're really seeing that is where republicans are pivoting. they're trying to always bring it back to that issue of tax reform and we saw the administration do the same thing in their talking points as well coming out of the deal yesterday. basically saying, by making this deal, even though some people, some republicans in congress may not like it, it clears the decks
8:53 am
for tax reform. >> heather: you heard fema and we have breaking news right now, hurricane irma has just been issued for south florida and the keys, a hurricane watch. if it follows most of the predicted tracks, as the monster category 5 after pummeling several caribbean islands. >> we have a view of the damage, but it seems very serious, especially on said martens. a lot of people lost property and also the harbor in the airports have been severely damaged. >> heather: joining us now is john mixon. thank you very much for joining us. you're in tampa, what are you doing from harrier family?
8:54 am
>> in tampa, where closely watching the forecast like everyone else in the state of florida. as of right now, it tends to look like it's going to stay on the east coast, so we'll keep watching us closely and be prepared to move if that should change. >> heather: we heard the governor warned everyone, be prepared wherever you are. we want to talk about some lessons that have been learned, hopefully from some of the previous hurricanes that have hit, andrew, hugo, katrina. >> the biggest thing is for people to heed the warnings of local and state officials and get out when they're told to. fortunately, we've had a long forecast with where this was heading so people have had the opportunity to prepare and start moving. >> heather: preparations, are they different based on what you think the storm will bring? we heard governor scott talk about the difference between this hurricane and what they're expecting and the damage that
8:55 am
they suffered during harvey where harvey kind of sat and spun and was slow so they had all that flooding. the concern here with irma is a lot of wind damage. >> each storm has its own personality if you will. the ones that move a little slower like harvey produced the flooding, katrina actually wouldn't have been a large flooding event had it not been for the levees that failed. katrina would be similar to what we could possibly see here if the levy hadn't failed with the heavy wind damage and the storm surge that this one has the potential to bring. >> heather: i want to ask you specifically about rescue efforts and recovery when we get to that point. all these islands, you were the chief of operations in the bahamas and turks the capos, what are people in those areas needing to do to get out?
8:56 am
>> the people in that area unfortunately, this is entirely unusual, they see this and they do this quite frequently unfortunately. the first step they'll do is get their resorts out and emptied in the tourists off the islands and then the prepare within themselves and they'll do what they always do witches hide from the wind and run from the water. fortunately, much of these towns are on the leeward side, so they have some protection, but there's not much. >> heather: john mixon joining us live, thank you so much. we appreciated. >> leland: 's tower of "happening now," more concerned that north korea could be near its nuclear goal as another icbm test is expected in days and as you can see, from the chandelier, irma on the move.
8:57 am
more live team coverage from the storm zone as it happens.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> heather: see you back here in an hour, "outnumbered" starts now. >> sandra: fox news alert, bracing for armor's wrath. a hurricane watch is sued for south florida is one of the most horrible hurricanes on record. florida governor rick scott warning residents to obey evacuation orders, saying once irma hits, we can't save you. this is "outnumbered," i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, and also from fbn, cohost of after the bell, melissa francis is here and today's #oneluckyguy, judge andrew napolitano and he is outnumbered and always welcome on this couch. >> judge andrew: i'm always happy to be outnumbered, no matter what we're talking about. >> harris:


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